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CUBE is owned by the University of Copenhagen.

CUBE is protected as a registered name.

CUBE uses LabVantage software biobank solution and the vendor is Software Point in Lund, Sweden.

CUBE is not designed for commercial use.


Professor Lars O. Dragsted, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen.

Professor Annemarie Thuri Kristensen, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.


The purpose of CUBE is to make:

  • A repository of high biological human and animal samples from some of the larger experiments within the studies.
  • Samples available for collaboration with other research groups who can offer new technologies to explore further the research questions addressed by the experiments.

CUBE is not designed for commercial use.



The Experiment information and samples currently available can be accessed through “CUBE preview” by obtaining login

The sample size is up to 1 mL ( cryo tubes ) and the samples are kept at -80°C freezers.

For retrieval of samples please contact to get in contact with the PI of the experiment.

If PI approve to retrieve samples from CUBE a new protocol has to be send to Etich Comitee for approval.




Being part of CUBE can help you to assure proper sample collection, handling and storage for your major and most important experiments. 

If you plan to perform research producing samples for CUBE you may wish to get advice on Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs). You can browse our list of general SOPs for collection, handling and storage of the most common types of samples. These lists are provided by CUBE and can be accessed after login.

Please be aware that SOPs are dynamic and may change over time. CUBE will neither be responsible for the quality of any work done using these SOPs nor for problems caused by using an outdated version of a SOP. If you have suggestions for alterations in our SOPs, for new procedures or otherwise, please contact CUBE staff at



All Principal Investigators registered within the CUBE studies can obtain a login and password by contacting CUBE staff at to start exploring the CUBE internal site.

This password must be activated by changing it within 1 month from receiving it.









The administrative leader
Professor Lars O. Dragsted


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